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About the Vermont Sheriffs' Association

Chances are you don't give much thought to the County Sheriff. You may see and article in the paper, a name on the ballot, or a patrol car along the side of the road. What is it that makes your County Sheriff unique among Vermont law enforcement professionals? The Sheriff is an elected law enforcement official. This means that he is ultimately accountable to the citizen voter. Every 4 years he puts his record out for approval. Besides the personal accountability required to maintain his post, the Sheriff is a professional, trained in the latest law enforcement techniques and criminal justice procedures. It's the combination of the above factors, along with the desire to perform a public service, that makes the Office of Sheriff unique.

A Sheriff is more than an individual; he has a department behind him made up of Sheriff's Deputies and support personnel. It's an organization of men and women dedicated to protecting and serving the people of your county. Deputies are sworn law enforcement personnel. They're appointed by the Sheriff to help uphold the laws and preserve peace. In addition, they are certified by the State of Vermont and meet all of the training requirements put forth by the Criminal Justice Training Council.

As a citizen, you can depend on your Sheriff's Department to help make a community that's safe and trouble free. But to be truly effective, a Sheriff's Department depends on your cooperation and involvement. Crime and accidents result in the great costs of lives, money, and pain. The Sheriff's Department is working hard to protect you from these dangers. Sheriff's Departments around the State are actively involved in Neighborhood Watch, D.A.R.E., Elderly Assistance and a host of other crime prevention projects.