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President's Message

Welcome to the Vermont Sheriffs' Association web site! We are proud to present this site and its information so you might learn more about our Association and the services we provide.

I would like to express a special "Thank You" to our members for their valuable support of our Association. If you are not a member and are interested in joining, you can now do so through our website.

Vermont Sheriffs are unique to Vermont law enforcement. We are elected, and ultimately that means we are accountable to the citizens of the county we serve. Every four years, we put our records up for approval. The citizens, through the election process approve the work we do.

Vermont Sheriffs' at the local, county and state level are critical for keeping Vermont's communities safe and trouble free. Throughout the state we transport prisoners and those in need of mental health services. We are also responsible for the courts being able to operate in a safe and secure manner. Many sheriffs provide patrol and traffic enforcement services within their individual counties. These are but a few of the services we provide.

The Vermont Sheriffs' Association is an active and participatory entity on numerous statewide boards and councils. These include the VT Criminal Justice Training Council, VT Communication Board, as well as the Law Enforcement Advisory Board. There are many others. VSA participation on these boards and councils ensures the concerns of local citizens are voiced and addressed.

Your support of the Vermont Sheriffs' Association ensures we will be able to continue to represent your voice on a statewide level.

Thank you for your support of our Association and the Office of Sheriff!

Bill Bohnyak, President